Artist Song / Album Role Company Year
Lina Maly Unterwegs (Single) co-writer, co-producer Warner Music 2019
O-Shin Not how I know me (Single) co-writer, co-producer Self-release 2019
Impala Ray Encore (Single) producer, mixer Free Bird Records 2019
Betty Who Betty (Album) co-writer (1Track) AWAL Recordings USA 2019
Sway Clarke The messy Red (EP) co-writer, co-producer (1 Track) Liars&Thieves 2018
Xavi König dieser Strasse (EP) co-writer, co-producer (2 Tracks) Four Music 2018
Marie Marie a beautiful life (Radio Edit) mixer, add. Producer Universal Music 2018
Xavi Zeit reif (Single) co-writer, co-producer Four Music 2017
Sway Clarke Either way (Single) co-writer, co-producer Liars&Thieves 2017
Xavi Für Dich (Single) co-writer Four Music 2017
Liam X Morphin (Album) producer, co-writer (5 Tracks), mixer Lieben Alle 2017
Liam X Vinyl (Single) producer, mixer, co-writer Lieben Alle 2017
Le Very In the meantime (Single) producer, mixer, engineer Zukunftsmusik 2017
Liam X Herbst (Single) producer, mixer, co-writer Virgin Records 2016
Kaind Hier und Jetzt (EP) mixer Four Music 2016
Liam X Lass es zu (EP) producer, mixer, engineer,co-writer Lieben Alle 2016
Sway Clarke Bad Love (EP) mixer (1 track) Capitol Records US 2016
OK Kid Zwei (Album) producer, mixer, engineer,co-writer Four Music 2016
Xul Zolar Tides (EP) co-producer, co-mixer, co-engineer Asmara Records 2015
OK Kid Gute Menschen (Single) co-writer, producer, mixer, engineer Four Music 2015
Liam X Erstmal für immer (EP) co-writer, producer, mixer, engineer Lieben Alle 2015
Exclusive Neuer Mensch (Album) mixer Sony Music 2015
Xul Zolar Ilajaly (Single) co-producer Asmara Records 2014
Sway Clarke II Tangerine (Single) mixer Capitol/Island 2014
Bergfilm Open Home (EP) mixer self-release 2014
Beatsteaks Gentleman of the year (Bilderbuch RMX) mixer Warner Music 2014
OK Kid Grundlos (EP) producer, mixer, engineer,co-writer Four Music 2014
Sway Clarke II Secret Garden (Single) mixer Capitol/Island 2014
Open Season All Eyes on you (EP) writer, producer, mixer, engineer Mainland Music 2014
Julian Williams 5 (EP) mixer Universal Music 2013
Sway Clarke II I don't need much (Single) mixer Self-release 2013
Xul Zolar Hex (Single) co-producer, mixer Jakarta Records 2013
OK Kid OK Kid (Album) writer, producer, mixer, engineer four Music 2013
Liedfett Klarkomm (Album) producer, mixer, engineer ferryhouse 2013
the Love Bülow So weit (Album) producer, mixer, engineer (2tracks) MaM Music 2012
Liedfett Kommst du mit (Single) producer, mixer, engineer ferryhouse 2012
A Silent Express Sick of your Sickness (Single NL) producer, mixer, engineer 8ball Music 2012
the Love Bülow So weit (Single) producer, mixer, engineer MaM Music 2012
the Bianca Story Coming Home (Album) mixer, add. Producer Motor Music 2012
BAP BAP Live Volles Programm (Album) mixer (5 tracks) EMI 2011
Jona:S Grau (EP) writer, producer, engineer, mixer Cargo Records 2011
dredg the thought of losing you (single) assistant mixer Universal 2011
Sutopia Who I am (Album) mixer (4 tracks) Hey!blau 2011
What happened to Roy G. Biv? River (EP) producer, mixer, engineer Songpark 2011
Max Mutzke Home Work Soul (Album) mixer Warner Music 2010
Roman Fischer Roman Fischer (Album) assistant mixer Universal 2010
Revolverheld In Farbe (Album) assistant producer + eng Sony 2010
Lungs Breathe and shout (Album) mixer + drum engineer Songpark 2010
Blake Worrell The Second Coming (Album) mixer (3 tracks) BlakeWorld Entertainment 2010
Revilo Haken & Öesen (Album) writer, producer, engineer (1 track) Headzwerk 2010
Fertig, Los! Pläne für die Zukunft (Album) assistant mixer (2 tracks) Sony 2009
KIM Allez!Allez!Allez! (Album) assistant producer+engineer Sony 2009
Donots Coma Chameleon (Album) assistant mixer Solitary Man 2009
Kunstrasen Titel Nummer Vier (Single) writer,producer,engineer Ministry of Sound 2008
Blackmail Tempo Tempo (Album) assistant mixer City Slang 2008